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Quality & Service

Forza Electronics is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. Maintaining strong ethics and integrity in a very competitive industry without compromising quality is our driving force. We are not only committed to the health of our business but the health of our industry and work to ensure our supply chains flow quickly and fairly.

Forza provides our quality managers and inspectors with continual education through various quality assurance programs. This training ensures our customers that we are always striving for improvement in our quality management system. We know how important it is to stay on the pulse of industry needs in order to protect the supply chain.

We offer the following value added services to accommodate our customer's requirements:

Value Added Services:

De-capsulation: The top layer of the chip is removed exposing the device wafer/die.
A highly magnified microscope is used to verify the chips authenticity.

Product testing: Product functionality tests are performed upon customer request to ensure optimum performance.

Product programming: Programming is available based on customer specifications for various types of product.

Tape and reeling: Tape and reeling accommodates customer product requirements.

Dry pack and baking: Dry pack and baking maintains product quality and shelf life.

Counter-to-counter shipping: Counter-to-counter shipments are available upon request to minimize production line down situations.

Part number / product cross reference: Forza provides part number and product cross-referencing with various manufacturers for drop in replacements when no other solution is available.

Obsolete component data sheets: product managers provide data sheets for obsolete products that otherwise would not be readily available.

Just In Time Delivery: If you implement JIT manufacturing strategies, we can help with scheduling and delivery to satisfy your strict schedule.

Scheduling: Scheduling can be the most grueling part of the purchase and delivery process. We will supply you with what you need when you need it.

Kanban: We can become an integral part of your kanban strategy. If your kanban are signaling the next phase, we'll source the parts you need.

Electronic components and computer peripheral search engine:
Our component and peripheral search engine searches our in house inventory and available excess inventory. You can generate a requirement with the search results that will immediately be processed. Our sales specialists will contact you with a quotation.

  1. Part number, Date code, Lot code, and Package Verification
    Part number, Date code, Lot code, and Package Verification
  2. Quantity Verification
    Quantity Verification
  3. Dimension Verification
    Dimension Verification
  4. Weight Verification
    Weight Verification
  5. Acetone Swab Verification
    Acetone Swab Verification
  6. Microscope Inspection
    Microscope Inspection
  7. Product Image Upload
    Product Image Upload
  8. Re-Packaging